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  • The CALYPSO Zip Purse In Vinyl
The CALYPSO Zip Purse In Vinyl

The CALYPSO Zip Purse In Vinyl

  • Model No: FB-PZCP1904
  • Product description: The CALYPSO Zip Purse In Vinyl with custom logo printing

Sail away with this eye-catching accessory! The Calypso coin and key purse is a tropical combo of frosty vinyl stitched to a bright nylon band. Perfect for storing cash, parking stubs, credit cards, and other small essentials. The sturdy nylon zipper will never rust or snag. Keep your car and house keys secure with the tempered, spring-steel split keyring that attaches to the inside of the pouch. An excellent promotion for banks, night clubs, casinos and resorts!

Colors:Sunset, Sea Green, Aqua, Berry

Size:4 1/2 " x 3 "


Logo Printing: custom

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